’22 Master National Award Winners

In recognition of her strong commitment to the success of the Master National Hunt test the Clayton Crawford Award was given to Hunt Test Chair, Annette Pacheco, of Roseburg, Oregon.

Keith Kiesow, Annettee Pacheco, Mike Collson

Master National Plates were given to the Hosts of this year’s Master National, the Umpqua Valley Retriever Club. Accepting for the club are Chair, Annette Pacheco, Co-Chair Toni Bamford (not pictured) and Kevin Bunnell .

Annettee Pacheco, Kevin Bunnell and Mike Collson.

And a big Thank You to our Property Owners who generously gave us the use of their land.

Andy and Shirley Kahn
Phil, Cassie and Will Strader
Dennis and Susan Lynch
and Phil Washburn

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