2021 Master National Invitations Mailed To Owners

The first batch of Master National Invitations have been mailed to the owners of retrievers across the country who are qualified to compete in the 2021 Master National.  Please be patient, the next batch will be mailed soon.

The event is being held in Valley County, Idaho from September 30 – October 10.  The invitations are a keepsake for you and failure to receive your invitation does not effect your entry into the event.  All Qualified dogs will be able to enter the event beginning Wednesday, July 28 through Wednesday August 11 at 6  pm CDT.  This test is not a limited entry test and all qualified dogs who enter within this period will be accepted.

If you do not receive your invitation within two weeks please send your dog’s full registered name, along with your name as owner and a complete mailing address to Hunt Test Secretary Frank Barton. email: fbarton@bartonpowersports.com
Note: Most often an invitation is missed due to an incorrect or an incomplete mailing address.
Thank you and Congratulations on your dog’s qualification.

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