2016 Master National Annual Review

Friends of the Master National,

Larry Kimble
Larry Kimble

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we want to thank you for your efforts to make the 25th Master National a success. Without your support, we could not accomplish our mission to make the Master National the premier retriever hunting test in the country. The local committee, our sponsors and partners, our volunteers and participants…all worked many long hours for many months to ensure this success.
While all events of this magnitude will experience a few disruptions, those were completely
overwhelmed by the efforts of this amazing group. We have made a number of changes in our approach to organizing and conducting the event, all for the purpose of accommodating the growth resulting from our success and to foster our path to the future.
Change can be uncomfortable, but in order to ensure our continued success, we have to confront these challenges. We will continue to introduce new ideas, plans, and actions as we strive to meet the needs of what we expect to be an even larger event in the future.
Your ideas and concerns are important to us as we continue to address these matters. I encourage you to reach out to your region VP/director to discuss matters for consideration.
Thank you again to those who continue to contribute to our success. We are proud to be part of a group of people who work so hard to make our event the largest retriever event in the country.
Click this link to view the entire Annual Report.   2016MasterNationalReport2017

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