What You Need to Know About Shooting Birds In Oregon

This applies to anyone who is shooting either at the event or in pre-training.

If you are planning to shoot live birds, either at the Master National event or in Pre-Master National training, you should know that Oregon has some very strict Statues regarding licensing.

Oregon considers pen-raised pheasants and ducks that are used for preserve shooting or retriever training to be game because once they are released to be shot, they could escape and become part of the current wildlife population.  As a result, all gunners, both in Pre-National training and at the Master National event will need to get the proper licenses and permits as outlined below.

Required Licenses/Permits

You may purchase a 3-day license for specifically designated dates and you may purchase multiple licenses at the same time.  That means you can purchase three 3-day licenses to cover the entire event at your initial purchase.  This is highly recommended for convenience and flexibility.

License Locations

You may purchase the required permits/licenses online or at any of the locations listed below.  These are all very convenient and within minutes of all hotels and venue locations in Roseburg.

Online:    https://www.dfw.state.or.us/

At a Point-of-Sale license agents in Roseburg, OR

Bi- Mart 1381 NW Garden Valley Blvd

Douglas County Farmer Co-Op 3171 NE Stephens St

Walmart 2125 NW Stewart Parkway

Umpqua Survival 2896 NE Diamond Lake Blvd,

Big 5 Sporting Goods 2655 NW Steward Parkway

Coastal Farm and Home Supply NE Garden Valley Blvd

Waldron’s Outdoor Sports 330 NE Garden Valley Blvd.

Fred Meyer – Roseburg 929 NW Garden Valley Blvd

Sportsman’s Warehouse 2122 NW Stewart Parkway

The MNRC will set up a direct bill process at one of the Local Retailers to provide licenses to Live Gunners working at the Event.***

At local ODFW office
4192 N Umpqua Hwy

Summary of Online Regulation Links

  • Hunting Licensing Requirements:


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