UVRC Hosts Spring Test on Site of Master National

The Umpqua Valley Retriever Club, local hosts of the 2018 Master National held their Spring hunt test on June 16 & 17 on some of the grounds that will be used for this year’s event.
Thanks to Master Judges, Michelle Love & Rex Gibson for sending us these great photos. We heard you moved “mountains’ to get the test ready, well maybe not mountains, but at least one Very Large log and lots of lily pads!
Also, thanks to the great volunteers from Umpqua Valley for putting on a super show. We are told that the theme for this test was “Dogstock.” Woodstock didn’t have anything on you folks. We also heard a group of bird handlers who will be working at the Master National came out to see how things were run. We certainly are looking forward to working with such dedicated people.


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