Special Notice: MNRC Professional Trainers & All Handlers

On behalf of the Master National Retriever Club Board of Directors, and with fervent support from president Allen Dillard, Michelle and Rex want to express our collective concern about your personal, family and kennel health, safety and well-being.  We trust all are doing well during these weird times.  If there is anything we might assist with regards to you and yours safety, please reach out to us.
We have been put in an unprecedented situation which has totally disrupted our sense of normal.  With a goal of conducting the MNRC 2020 this fall around St. Cloud, Minnesota, while at the same time considering the health and safety issues presented by the pandemic, we are forced to be creative and innovative.
We made a one-time change to the qualification requirements to try to adapt to the cancellation of Spring weekend hunting tests.  We will be implementing other safety procedures at the event; some that will be required by the local authorities and some that are just good, common sense.  These things will not be easy, but they must be done if we are to be able to conduct the event; and do so in a safe and healthy environment for all.
We are reaching out to you, as long-time participants, and handlers of multiple entrants, to support the MNRC 2020 as a sponsor or donor.  Your cash contribution will provide resources that will assist us in responding to these unexpected requirements so that we can make this event happen.  We do not know what we may encounter over the next three months.  Your cash contributions certainly will help defray the additional costs that we expect to face.
In summary, sponsorship and donor levels cash contributions available are:

CSLs Rex Gibson & Michelle Love

Gold – $4000
Silver – $2000
Bronze – $500
Master – $250
Senior – $100
Junior –  $25
Your contributions will be recognized in the 2020 MNRC Catalog.
You are such a cornerstone of this event.  We firmly believe the AKC Hunting Retriever
Test program is “ALL ABOUT THE DOGS.”  And the Master National is committed to holding an annual event that rewards the best of the best that meets the standard.  Please let us know how we can help you, and please contact either Rex or Michelle to confirm your commitment to the 2020 Master National as a Sponsor or Donor.  It is very much appreciated.

How To Donate:
Email Rex or Email Michelle, or call Rex @ 713-417-1245 or Michelle 803-463-1313 for details.  You can send a check to Treasurer Jimmy Hughes at P.O. Box 444, Columbia, TN 38402.

Rex and Michelle
Co-Corporate Sponsor Liaisons Master National Retriever Club
713-417-1245 / 803-463-1313

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