Seeking Volunteer For K-9 Cancer Fundraiser

ChaseAwayK9CancerWe are seeking a volunteer to take charge of the K-9 Cancer Fundraiser held at the 2016 Master National event.
The responsibilities for the “ambassador” for Chase Away K-9 Cancer are:

  1. Communicate with Cera on all items
  2. Receive any items for the auction and be sure they are tagged or identified and have not been harmed in shipping.  Also keeping the items safe until the auction.
  3. Receive any & all monies for K-9 thru Cera Reusser’s Square account.
  4. Being available during the Worker’s party when the auction takes place.  Taking in donations as well.
  5. Getting the video to the media person which also entails getting it from Cera.
  6. Posting a news item to Mia for the MN blog & website requesting photos etc for this video.
  7. Making a donation run through the galleries at different times during the week.

If anyone is interested or has questions, please contact Pam Bunnell at 541-430-2192 or Terry Elliott  360-904-3546.
Chase Away K-9 Cancer 

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