Running Order – 2022

wdt_ID Flight No. Dog Owner Handler
1 A 1 Kc's General Of The County MH Kelly Coursey Clark Kennington
2 A 2 Tupelo Ridge's Flying South For Winter Jet MH Dan Boettger Scott Chaney
3 A 3 Boogie Jean's Happy Here And Now MH Sue Meyring Brooke VandeBrake Jr
4 A 4 Blue Sky's Three Day Bender MH Gregg Mourges Gregg Mourges
5 A 5 CH She's Eastbound and Down MH Tiffany McGhin Tiffany McGhin
6 A 6 Bryant's Jp Take It To The Bank MH Eric Bryant Jr. Clark Kennington/Lyle Steinman
7 A 7 Autumn's Ruffcut Diamond At Fernhaven MH Jean & Charles Fowler Jean Fowler
8 A 8 Intrepid's Beautiful Storm MH Julie Jordan Jeff Jordan
9 A 9 Campanella MH Charlotte Van de Brake Brooke VandeBrake Jr
10 A 10 Citadel's TNT Hurricane MH Barbara Hawley Barbara Hawley
11 A 11 Castile Creeks I Am The Frogman MH Dennis Patterson Clark Kennington/Lyle Steinman
12 A 12 Marks A Lot @ Beaver Ridge Its A 3 Hr Tour Maryann MH Tiffany McGhin/ Christene Morath Tiffany McGhin
13 A 13 Carronade All That Glitters MH Beth Meaney Jill Volsch
14 A 14 FowlMasters Major MH James Marshall Mike Monnington/Lyle Steinman
15 A 15 Cappys Big Gun MH Bob Reeder Brooke VandeBrake Jr
16 A 16 Double K's High Voltage Zeus MH QA2 ZoomDog Supplements & Neal Lynch Clark Kennington/Lyle Steinman
17 A 17 Lake Carol Anne Taco MH Eddie(Punch) Bohn Jeff Jordan
18 A 18 Citadel's Lean Grade Aspen MH David Hawley Barbara Hawley
19 A 19 CH Quillquest Bess's Bedazzling Betsy MH Gillian Impey/ Dori Cantley Jill Volsch
20 A 20 Swamp Run's Gotcha Talkin Now MH MNH4 Melissa R Shanks Melissa Shanks
21 A 21 Hunter's Big Gun MH QA2 Frank Marx Clark Kennington/Lyle Steinman
22 A 22 CH Fynder Never Cry Wolf MH NJP TKN SHU Christine Robertson Brooke VandeBrake Jr
23 A 23 FowlMasters Calm Before The Storm MH Michael Monnington/ Kyler Monnington Mike Monnington/Kyler Monnington
24 A 24 Marks A Lot Straight Up And Dirty MH James McGhin Tiffany McGhin
25 A 25 Dogleg's Empty Wallet MH Gloria Nusbickel/Fred Nusbickel Jill Volsch
26 A 26 Ira's Harper Go Lucky MH Cliff Ira Clark Kennington/Lyle Steinman
27 A 27 Zoomin' Zoey MH Pierce Blitch III Ray Shanks
28 A 28 Chugach's Chattering Nizina MH Michael Vogel Brooke VandeBrake Jr
29 A 29 Citadel's Cinder MH David Hawley/ Barbara Hawley Barbara Hawley
30 A 30 FowlMasters Halle Bear MH Michael Monnington Mike Monnington
31 A 31 Ira's Too Much Torque MH Cliff IRA Clark Kennington/Lyle Steinman
32 A 32 End O'Lane's Reaver of Kaotic MH MH20 QA2 John Goudge/ H. Huber Goudge Jill Volsch
33 A 33 There She Goes MH MNH5 Derek Kriegel Ray Shanks
34 A 34 Hailstone Kid MH Kylie Swift Brooke VandeBrake Jr
35 A 35 Twin Oaks Star Hunter MH Tiffany McGhin Tiffany McGhin
36 A 36 Kennington's I Be Strokin MH MNH Doug Weese Clark Kennington/Lyle Steinman
37 A 37 FowlMasters You Got Me On My Knees Layla MH Kyler Monnington Mike Monnington
38 A 38 Longleaf Molly MH Tom Rankin Jill Volsch
39 A 39 Tank The Gangster MH Wally Bialczak Ray shanks
40 A 40 Coolwater's Storm Warning MH William Carrington David Carrington
41 A 41 KESS'S ROYAL FLUSH MH Jacob Francis Schmitt Clark Kennington/Lyle Steinman
42 A 42 Heads Up Dash to the Taiga MH QA2 Judith Myers Brooke VandeBrake Jr
43 A 43 STK Jet Black Thunder Rolls MH Michael Slaten Jeff Jordan
44 A 44 Longleaf Sadie MH Tom Rankin Jill Volsch
45 A 45 Swamp Run's Warrior Goddess MH Grant Henning Ray shanks
46 A 46 Red Squad's Loverboy MH QA2 David Eaton Clark Kennington/Lyle Steinman
47 A 47 Moved to C-161
48 A 48 Hightest Blk Ice Captain My Captain MH Teal Knapp Brooke VandeBrake Jr
49 A 49 Black Majick's Bringing Sexy Back MH Tom and Tricia Mckenzie Tom McKenzie
50 A 50 Calie's Noble Goshawk MH William Carrington David Carrington
51 A 51 She's The Fabulous Wizard Of Oz MH QA2 Brian Tucker Clark Kennington/Lyle Steinman
52 A 52 Swamp Run's Super Villain MH Nathan Jones/Cooper Jones Ray Shanks
53 A 53 Prime Time Four's A Full House MH Randall Gerbino/John Gerbino Jill Volsch
54 A 54 Island Acres Bronco Betty MH Susan Bell Brooke VandeBrake Jr
55 A 55 Moved to C-162
56 A 56 Morgan's Thundering Thor Of Arrowhead MH Eric Locke Lyle Steinman
57 A 57 Dottie Ray's Will He Do It QA2 MH Tom McKenzie / Kylie Vanderbrake Tom McKenzie
58 A 58 Swamp Run's Gator's Southern Bell MH Mark Koester Ray Shanks
59 A 59 Big Woods Man In Black MH Randy Morton Randy Morton
60 A 60 J and J's Wild Irish Rose MH Joan Belcher Brooke VandeBrake Jr
61 A 61 Legend Of Pineycreeks Charly Girl MH MNR Brian Tucker Lyle Steinman/Brian Tucker
62 A 62 Quillquest Amazing Airs Above MH WC Dori Cantley/ Gillian Impey Jill Volsch
63 A 63 Borderline's Miss Independence MH Sallie Sullivan Sallie Sullivan
64 A 64 Swamp Run's Drive Me To The Levee MH Ray Shanks Ray Shanks
65 A 65 Triple Crown's Dora's Pinch of Chavez MH QA2 Tom McKenzie/Tricia McKenzie Tom McKenzie
66 A 66 Redgates Mac & Cheese MH Brian Tucker Lyle Steinman/Brian Tucker
67 A 67 Keeno's Jazztime Troubador MH Teal Knapp Brooke VandeBrake Jr
68 A 68 The Bluegrass Widow MH Larry Woodson/ Chris Payne SCRATCH
69 A 69 Quillquest An Agile Achiever MH G Impey/M Smith Jill Volsch
70 A 70 Swamp Run's Black Magic Woman MH MNH Chris Bodine/Traci Bodine Ray Shanks
71 A 71 Bayou-Star Air Stepper MH Jack O'Connor III Lyle Steinman/Clark Kennington
72 A 72 Borderline's No Pick MH MAH4 Sallie Sullivan Sallie Sullivan/Jill Volsch
73 A 73 Marauders Smooth Ascent MH Wayne Johnston Brooke VandeBrake Jr
74 A 74 Warrior River Bottom Huck MH QA2 Tom McKenzie/Tricia McKenzie Tom McKenzie
75 A 75 Sdk Where I Come From MH Timothy Burke Jill Volsch
76 A 76 Baypoint's Shaq And Maddie's Championranger-Omg MH MNH QA2 Robert Gabriel Lyle Steinman/Clark Kennington
77 A 77 Swamp Chase's Max Single MH Larry Noland Ray Shanks
78 A 78 Twixwood Cochise Puddles MH Paul Rios SCRATCH
79 A 79 Orion's Crystal Sync Sound MH QA2 Kate Macartney Brooke VandeBrake Jr
80 A 80 No Mistake's Chokko Bohannon MH Barry Smith Barry Smith
81 A 81 Bigwoods Black Pearl MH Jay Herrington Lyle Steinman/Clark Kennington
82 A 82 Swamp Run's Queen of the South MH Chris Bodine/ Traci Bodine Jill Volsch
83 A 83 Sherla's Little Bear MH Sherla Bialczak/ Wally bialczak Ray shanks
84 A 84 Living The Dream Grace MH Randy Morton Randy Morton
85 A 85 Sky Lakes Wyldfire Chairman of the Board MH Kate Macartney Brooke VandeBrake Jr
86 A 86 Black Kat's Bottle Rocket MH QA2 Jack O'Connor III Lyle Steinman/Clark Kennington
87 A 87 No Mistake's Gonnagetum Girley MH Barry Smith Barry Smith
88 A 88 Twisted M's Mason Strengthen With Stone MH Michael Hutterer Scott Chaney
89 A 89 Saleboats Lulu MH Elliot Sale Ray Shanks
90 A 90 Turbo Highland Fling MH Ron Rubrecht & Beth Meaney Jill Volsch
91 A 91 Castile Creeks A Little Bit Of Magic MH MNH Jennifer Tucker Lyle Steinman/Clark Kennington
92 A 92 Ireland Farms Dutchess Of Stormy Mtn MH12 Kevin Medved Kevin Medved
93 A 93 Skyriver's Mr Winston Goes The Distance MH N Medved/K Medved Brooke VandeBrake Jr
94 A 94 Twin Lakes Troublesome Maggie MH Chad Gullickson/ Scott Chaney Scott Chaney
95 A 95 Rooster's Eye Of The Tiger MH Bill Daniels Ray Shanks
96 A 96 Castile Creeks Dr Mallard MH Jack O'Connor Lyle Steinman/Clark Kennington
97 A 97 Wildwood Macdougal MH Mary Humphrey Jill Volsch
98 A 98 No Mistakes's Toby MH Barry Smith Barry Smith
99 A 99 T.C.L Smoke - N - Gun MH QA2 Troy Lowery Brooke VandeBrake Jr
100 A 100 Thunder's Problem Child Is About To Rock MH Gregory Joy and Jennifer Murray Richard Meisemann/Gregory Joy
Flight No. Dog Owner Handler

The Running Order for the 2022 Master National is complete. Dogs to the line, Friday, September 30th. Flight locations to be posted via Text Msg and MNRC website and on Social Media.

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