Retriever Community Reaches Out to Help Hurricane Victims

A Huge Shout Out goes to the Retriever Community for coming together to help rescue and evacuate victims of Hurricane Harvey.  Elaine Goodner and Rex Gibson, two Master National Board of Directors, reported stories of dog handlers and trainers who came with boats and trailers to help those in need. Facebook was filled with pictures of the men and women getting the elderly, families with children, stranded horses and dogs to safety.  The dog folks who came to rescue and evacuate Harvey’s victims were not only from Texas but many surrounding states.  Many kennel owners offered space to house the hundreds of stranded retrievers. Their efforts helped so many victims, and we are so proud of our dog community.  They did such an amazing job!
We are very happy to report both Elaine and Rex, while shaken, survived this massive storm and are getting their life back to normal—just in time for the 2017 Master National.  Property Owner Doc McFarlane and Master National Co Chair Jay Herrington reported BigWoods on the Trinity and Tennessee Colony managed to escape Harvey’s wrath.
Workers are on hand to prepare the BigWoods for our October event and we look forward to hosting the Best Master National event on record.
Thank you again to all those who helped Harvey’s victims, you are a group of caring, selfless individuals and we are proud to know you!

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