Qualified To Run 2024 Master National

A new list of  qualifiers for the 2024 event has been posted.  There are 459 retrievers qualified to enter the 2024 Master National as of April 30, 2024. This year’s event will be held September 21 – October 2 in Paducha, Kentucky.  Hope to see you there!

Please note: This list only includes AKC published results of tests held through April 30, 2024.  Passes for tests held AFTER April 30 will be included in a future list.  If you think your dog should be listed, please email a list of the events that your dog has passed along with the dates and the dog’s AKC Registered Name to Tracy Hughes at tracy@crimsonkennels.com.

wdt_ID Dog Breed Owner
2926 Bayou-Star Air Stepper MH MNH4 QA2 Lab J O'CONNOR
2927 Baypoint's Heaven Sent MH Lab T Pitts
2928 Bck's Lots Of Luck Lottie MH Lab G Mills/N Mills
2929 Beantown's Harvard Scholar MH Lab J Dawber/B Bellemare
2930 Beas Southern Beauty MH Lab S Williford
2931 Beckylou's Linc' To Beamer MH MNH6 Lab L Dejohn/B De John
2932 Best I Can Be MH Lab S Willett
2933 Best Lil Memory Maker MH Lab D Junek
2934 Best Shot Of Southern Comfort MH Lab R Braziel
2935 Big Mamou's Good Deal Lucille MH Lab C Levine
2936 Big R's She's Got The Look MH MNH Lab S Rains/T Rains
2937 Bigwoods Black Pearl MH Lab J Herrington
2938 Bigwoods Whata Woody MH Lab B Hablinski
2939 Black Bayou's Grandslam MH MNH Lab D Young
2940 Black Castle's Gambling Jester MH Lab J Schwartzenburg
2941 Black Dog Gets The Led Out "Zeppelin" MH MNH Lab J Collins
2942 Black Kat's Bottle Rocket MH QA2 Lab M Whorton/J O'Conner
2943 Black Majick's Bringing Sexy Back MH MNH4 Lab T McKenzie/T McKenzie
2944 Blue Shadow's Shake 'Em Up MH MNH Lab N Barth
2945 Ajs Labs Once Upon A Time MH MNH Lab A Walters/J Walters
2946 Ajs Labs Song Of The South MH Lab J Walters/A Walters
2947 Ajs Sailor Katy's I Shot The Sheriff MH Lab a walters/j walters
2948 Blue's Stormy Weather Satchmo MH MNH4 Lab D Derato
2949 Borderline's Miss Independence MH Lab S Sullivan/J Volsch/K O'Brien
2950 Borderline's No Pick MH MAH4 Lab S Sullivan
2951 Ajtop Cody's Kajun Pride MH Lab C Billings
2952 Broad Oak's War Chief MH Lab M Wilson
2953 Brody Cooper Oakridge Fender MH MNH4 Lab J Fender
2954 Buckhead's Longleaf Cowboy MH Lab G Blitch
2955 Cacciatrice Mac MH Lab K McGinnis
2956 Cajun Dakota Big Mamou's Hunk Of Love MH Lab P Smyithe
2957 Calicreek's Shotgun Rider MH Lab S Willett
2958 Campbell's Okatuppa Lil Blue MH Lab S Boggs
2959 Candlewood's One More MH MNH Lab R Kenworthy
2960 Cane Creek's Fresh Squeezed MH Lab H Shuler
2961 Canebrake's Joltin' Cannon Shot MH MNH6 Lab B Magee/W Magee
2962 Carronade All That Glitters MH Lab E Meaney/J Volsch
2963 Cash Creek's Apache Chief MH MNH4 Lab B Sullivan
2964 Cash's Coal Is Best MH MNH4 Lab K Buchman
2965 Cash's Little Lady Junebug MH Lab C Barczak
2966 Castile Creeks A Little Bit Of Magic MH MNH4 Lab J Tucker
2967 Castile Creeks Dr Mallard MH MNH Lab J O'CONNOR
2968 Castile Creeks Emancipation Proclamation MH Lab R Williams
2969 Castile Creeks The Bigwoods On The Trinity MH Lab L Steinman
2970 Castile Creeks Under Pressure MH MAH4 Lab J Pugh
2971 Ccr's Branded Man MH Lab J Strange/R Strange
2972 Cedar Branch's Flawless Abby Grace MH Lab K Maready
2973 Cedarridge's Tucked In Tight MH Lab B Lindtner
2974 CH Quillquest Bess's Bedazzling Betsy MH Flat-Coat G Impey/D Cantley
2975 Chambers' Luna MH Lab V Chambers
2976 Cheerio's Rowdy James T Rascal CDX RM2 RAE2 MH SHU NA NAJ NF Golden A Millane
2977 Chipper Buckshot Blank MH Lab L Blank
2979 Claybaker's Drama Queen MH MNH Lab B Claybaker
2980 Coal's Special Agent MH Lab Y Buchman
2981 Coast To Coast's Split Decision MH Lab G Osteen
2982 Cody's Blackwater MH Lab B Autrey
2983 Collum's Moon Light On A Rainy River MH Lab M Collum/S Collum
2984 Colt's Gunslinging Lady's Man MH Lab J Sink
2985 Compton's Rowdy Foxx MH MNH Lab M GLASS
2986 Coolwater's Storm Warning MH Lab W Carrington
2987 Copperbirch Paddy Of Leadburn's Black Diamond MH Lab W Bowman
2988 Cresthill's Dashin' For Ducks MH Lab W Bonello
2989 Cripple Creek Zombie MH MNH Lab R Stevenson
2990 Cypress Branch's Setting Fire To The Line "Tucker" MH Lab M Holden
2991 Dalton's Saga MH Lab K Dalton/W Dalton
2992 Dared To Dream Maize MH QA2 Lab L Steinman
2993 Dark Timbers Gunsmoke And Jazz MH MNH5 Lab A Everett
2994 Davis' Black Label MH Lab D Dorroh/T Dorroh
2995 Dawgonit's Eye On The Sky MH Lab J Brown
2996 Dawgonit's Frozen Concoction MH Lab J Brown
2997 Dawgonit's Whoa Nellie MH Lab H Bowes
2998 Agent Natasha Romanova MH MNH Lab G Nichols
2999 Deadfall's What A Jet MH Lab A Essary
3000 Ajtop Tiger Ii Rides Pride MH Lab J Tucker
3001 Debandles Oklahoma Moonshadow MH Lab D Kidwell
3002 Alabamas True Romance MH Lab W Acosta
3003 Deep Run Kadie Bar The Door MH MNH Lab K Blackwell
3004 Deets Ld Ranger MH Lab C Schulz
3005 Dixieland's Goodtime Bull MH MNH4 Lab K Warren
3006 DMR Golden Boy's Black Magic MH MNH Lab D Logan/L Logan
3007 Dogleg's Above & Beyond MH Lab G Nusbickel
3008 Dogleg's Bobo In Earnest MH Lab G Nusbickel/F Nusbickel
3009 Dogleg's Empty Wallet MH Lab G Nusbickel
3010 Dogleg's Hip Pip 'N Pray MH Lab F Nusbickel
3011 Double 00 Maddie's Mea MH MNH Lab A Hanson
3012 Dr. Shady Roberts MH Lab J Roberts
3013 D's Call The Wind Mariah Of Hurley MH MNH Lab D Glazewski
3014 Duck Candy Running Free MH Lab M Watson/R Smith
3015 Duckdawg's Royal Flush MH MNH Lab B Wallen
3016 Dude's Black Water Pearl MH MNH5 Lab C Chambers
3017 Dude's Gone With The Wind Tara MH Lab M Hartman
3018 Dude's Ole Virginia Odis MH Lab J Cuddihy/B Cuddihy
3019 Dude's Performance Enhancing Drug MH MNH Lab D Boykin III
3020 Duke, Esq. Of Lafayette MH Lab M DOMINGUE
3021 Duso's Kc Texas Red Hawk MH Golden K Fuller
3022 Duxbury My Ten Cents MH MNH Std Poodle J Combs/M Dibenedetto
3023 Dynamic's That's Not Water MH Lab W Hale
3024 Dynamite's Switch Hitters Shady Lady MH Lab K Paterson
3025 Elmwoods Batter Up MH Lab M Cieslinski
3026 Elmwood's Its All About The Money MH Lab L Scoggins
Dog Breed Owner

Why is my dog’s name missing from the list of qualified dogs?

If your dog isn’t on the list of qualifiers, don’t panic. Your dog’s name may be missing due to one of the following reasons:

  1. An MNRC club has not sent in the results of their test or it has not been received or processed yet by the AKC.
  2. The results were accidentally omitted from the catalog.
  3. Good old human error. The MNRC is now the sole official source of tracking qualifiers, we will make our best efforts to list qualifiers in a timely manner, but sometimes delays occur.

If you believe that an omission has occurred, please contact the MNRC Event Secretary Tracy Hughes tracy@crimsonkennels.com

Send the following information: Dog’s name and the tests where the passes occurred. Tracy will respond to your inquiry. Please Do Not Contact the AKC.

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