Qualified To Run 2024 Master National

A new list of  qualifiers for the 2024 event has been posted.  There are 197 retrievers qualified to enter the 2024 Master National as of January 31, 2024. This year’s event will be held September 21 – October 2 in Paducha, Kentucky.  Hope to see you there!
Special Note: Our new 2024 Master National Event Secretary is Tracy Hughes. Please Contact Tracy with questions about the Qualifier List. tracy@crimsonkennels.com

wdt_ID Dog Breed Owner
2729 6bears Chasing The Perfect Storm MH MNH Lab B Berrecloth/S Berrecloth
2730 6bears Just Sippin On Sweet Tea MH MNH Lab B Berrecloth/S Berrecloth
2731 Agent Natasha Romanova MH MNH Lab G Nichols
2732 Ajs Labs Once Upon A Time MH MNH Lab A Walters/J Walters
2733 Ajtop Tiger Ii Rides Pride MH Lab J Tucker
2734 Alligator Bait MH MNH Lab A Dillard
2735 Anderson's Cow Bayou Duke MH MNH Lab A Anderson
2736 Autumn's Sunka Luta Naco RN MH CGC Golden F McKane
2737 Autumn's Sunka Luta Sioux CD RI MH CGC Golden F McKane
2738 Bally's Magazine Mogul MH MNH Lab A Bally/A Bally
2739 Bayou Riverhills Carolina Smoke MH MNH Lab D Henderson
2740 Bayou Teche Geaux Undefeated MH Lab C Dodd
2741 Bayou-Star Air Stepper MH MNH4 QA2 Lab J O'CONNOR
2742 Baypoint's Heaven Sent MH Lab T Pitts
2743 Beckylou's Linc' To Beamer MH MNH6 Lab L Dejohn/B De John
2744 Big R's She's Got The Look MH MNH Lab S Rains/T Rains
2745 Bigwoods Black Pearl MH Lab J Herrington
2746 Black Bayou's Grandslam MH MNH Lab D Young
2747 Black Dog Gets The Led Out "Zeppelin" MH MNH Lab J Collins
2748 Black Majick's Bringing Sexy Back MH MNH4 Lab T McKenzie/T McKenzie
2749 Blue Shadow's Shake 'Em Up MH MNH Lab N Barth
2750 Blue's Stormy Weather Satchmo MH MNH4 Lab D Derato
2751 Borderline's Miss Independence MH Lab S Sullivan/J Volsch/K O'Brien
2752 Brody Cooper Oakridge Fender MH MNH4 Lab J Fender
2753 Candlewood's One More MH MNH Lab R Kenworthy
2754 Cane Creek's Fresh Squeezed SH Lab H Shuler
2755 Canebrake's Joltin' Cannon Shot MH MNH6 Lab B Magee/W Magee
2756 Carronade All That Glitters MH Lab E Meaney/J Volsch
2757 Cash Creek's Apache Chief MH MNH4 Lab B Sullivan
2758 Castile Creeks A Little Bit Of Magic MH MNH4 Lab J Tucker
2759 Castile Creeks Dr Mallard MH MNH Lab J O'CONNOR
2760 Castile Creeks The Bigwoods On The Trinity MH Lab L Steinman
2761 Chambers' Luna JH Lab V Chambers
2762 Claybaker's Drama Queen MH MNH Lab B Claybaker
2763 Coast To Coast's Split Decision MH Lab G Osteen
2764 Compton's Rowdy Foxx MH MNH Lab M GLASS
2765 Cripple Creek Zombie MH MNH Lab R Stevenson
2766 Dared To Dream Maize MH QA2 Lab L Steinman
2767 Dark Timbers Gunsmoke And Jazz MH MNH5 Lab A Everett
2768 Deep Run Kadie Bar The Door MH MNH Lab K Blackwell
2769 Dixieland's Goodtime Bull MH MNH4 Lab K Warren
2770 DMR Golden Boy's Black Magic MH MNH Lab D Logan/L Logan
2771 Double 00 Maddie's Mea MH MNH Lab A Hanson
2772 Dr. Shady Roberts MH Lab J Roberts
2773 D's Call The Wind Mariah Of Hurley MH MNH Lab D Glazewski
2774 Duckdawg's Royal Flush MH MNH Lab B Wallen
2775 Dude's Black Water Pearl MH MNH5 Lab C Chambers
2776 Dude's Gone With The Wind Tara MH Lab M Hartman
2777 Dude's Performance Enhancing Drug MH MNH Lab D Boykin III
2778 Duxbury My Ten Cents MH MNH Poodle J Combs/M Dibenedetto
2779 Etek Ring of Fire For June MH Lab R Middaugh
2780 Fairview's Tucked Away Blue Raven MH Lab C Price
2781 FC Creekside's Weller's Mr P.D. Quick MH Lab w price
2782 Fema City's Butter My Buns MH Lab N Boettger/P Taphorn
2783 Fishtrap Katie MH MNH Lab K VandeBrake/C VandeBrake
2784 Flint Oak's Downtown Juan More Margarita MH Lab F Oak
2785 Flk's For The Love Of Pearl MH MNH5 Lab C Jobman/E Jobman
2786 Fowlmasters Halle Bear MH MNH Lab M Monnington/K Monnington
2787 Gator Points Seaside Connection MH Lab M Cieslinski/C Dodd/A Sandifer
2788 Ghostryder's Go Ali's Grace MH MNH5 Lab G Daly
2789 G-Man's Dreamboat Annie MH MNH4 Lab R Shanks/M Sterner
2790 Gooseneck's Fire Away MH MNH4 Lab G Rogers
2791 Gooseneck's Over The Limit "Visa" MH MNH8 Lab G Rogers/R Rogers
2792 Graybar's Grand Finale MH Lab L Hyman
2793 Greenhead's Okatuppa Blue Ru MH MNH Lab S Boggs
2794 Hardy Lake Diamond In The Ruff MH MNH Lab L BURNS
2795 Harpers' Kick It On Back (Kicker) MH MNH Lab J Harper
2796 Healmarks Sam I Am MH MNH Lab R Williams
2797 Heather's Wee Little Devil MH MNH4 Lab B Hawthorne
2798 High Velocity Arrow Xt MH MNH Lab K Kiesow
2799 Honey Brakes Hurricane Hunter MH MNH Lab J Mophett
2800 Hope's Taking Aim MH MNH Lab J COCHRAN
2801 Ice Needs Whiskey MH MNH Lab J Templeton
2802 Ink's Anna Belle Of Prairie Creek MH MNH Lab N Amari
2803 Iowa Pointing Labs Mattix's Rizzo MH MNH Lab G Mattix
2804 Ira's Harper Go Lucky MH MNH Lab C IRA
2805 Ira's Too Much Torque MH MNH Lab C IRA
2806 Island Lakes For Whom The Belle Tolls MH Lab C Gullickson
2807 Island Lake's Valiant Warrior MH Lab C Davies/M Davies
2808 Islay's Smoky Wee Dram MH MNH Lab C Jobman
2809 Izza Indee Heaven Scent Lab G Harrison
2810 Jimmy XXXVII MH Lab D Bishop
2811 Josie's Swamp Monster Sully Lab G Hampton
2812 Jovi's Josie Hampton MH MNH4 Lab G Hampton
2813 Jts Double Trouble Alter Ego MH MNH4 MAH5 QA2 Lab J TRAMONTIN/D Tramontin
2814 Kai's Big Adventure MH Lab M Boland/A Branning
2815 Kate's River Mark MH Lab K Pierce/J Pierce
2816 King Leonidas Of Silverbrook MH MNH6 Lab R Hixson/M Hixson
2817 King's Hillside Shadow MH MNH Lab S White
2818 Lab's Unlimited The Devil Wears Prada MH MNH Lab B Cox
2819 Lady Of Curles Neck MH MNH Lab J Sowers
2820 Lake Park Major League Grand Slam MH MNH5 Lab G Witherspoon
2821 Lance's Gypsies, Tramps And Thieves CD RE MH MNH4 MNH Lab P Lance/D Lance
2822 Leitner Farms Travl'N Girl MH MNH MNH4 Lab E Jobman
2823 Lone Duck's Queen Of Graceland MH MNH Lab R Owens
2824 Lone Oak's Big Dipper MH MNH Lab D McDonald
2825 Longleaf Molly MH MNH Lab T Rankin
2826 Longleaf Sadie MH Lab T Rankin
2827 Los Alamos Tules MH MNH Lab M Jex
2828 Marks-A-Lot Gangster's Last Call MH Lab B Tucker/J Tucker
Dog Breed Owner

Why is my dog’s name missing from the list of qualified dogs?

If your dog isn’t on the list of qualifiers, don’t panic. Your dog’s name may be missing due to one of the following reasons:

  1. An MNRC club has not sent in the results of their test or it has not been received or processed yet by the AKC.
  2. The results were accidentally omitted from the catalog.
  3. Good old human error. The MNRC is now the sole official source of tracking qualifiers, we will make our best efforts to list qualifiers in a timely manner, but sometimes delays occur.

If you believe that an omission has occurred, please contact the MNRC Event Secretary Tracy Hughes tracy@crimsonkennels.com

Send the following information: Dog’s name and the tests where the passes occurred. Tracy will respond to your inquiry. Please Do Not Contact the AKC.

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