New Secretary to Serve on MNRC Board

Secretary Elaine Goodner To Retire

After eight years as Master National Retriever Club Secretary, Elaine Goodner has decided to retire. We thank Elaine for so many years of volunteer service to the MNRC. The Secretary position requires a great deal of time and dedication throughout the year.  We will miss her very much but know she will enjoy spending more time training and running her dogs and look forward to seeing her ‘at the line.’
Dede Paterson

In the interim, the MNRC Board of Directors has appointed Dede Paterson of Texas to fill out Elaine’s term as Secretary and a member of the Board. We feel lucky to have such a qualified and dedicated person to take over.  For those of you who do not know Dede, take a minute to learn more READ HER BIO. (see below)
To our member clubs, Dede can be reached at email:
Congratulations Dede, and we look forward to working with you!

Meet Dede Paterson

Hi, I am Dede Paterson.  I live in Goliad Texas with my husband and best friend of 39 years, Wayne. We enjoy spending time outdoors, hunting and training our beloved dogs.
Our journey into the wonderful world of retriever competition began when I surprised Wayne with a Labrador puppy.  The darling little alligator promptly ate our deck and outdoor air conditioning unit. Our neighbor, a member of Waterloo Amateur Retriever Club, suggested we join the club.
The first club event we worked was the 2009 Giddings Master National. Standing outside in a torrential downpour in knee deep water, I began to doubt the sanity of these people.  However, the next morning the sun revealed an amazing group of people passionate and dedicated to showcasing the talents of their retrievers.  It was among this group of people we would find mentors, friends, and fellow competitors. 
We were hooked. In 2010, I purchased my first competition dog, Louise.  With the help of our Waterloo training group, Louise and I would go on to achieve her Master Hunter title and qualify for the 2012 Master National. She was a rock star going all 5 series without a handle. Louise would go on to compete in Kansas and California.   Alligator Annie became a phenomenal duck dog and solid competitor, earning her Master title and a Master National pass. Although Louise and Annie have passed, their legacy lives on in our gang: Jones MH, MAH, MNH, Tryst MH MNH, Pearl MH, and the baby of the gang, Patience.
Driving home from Alabama with that first MN plate and ribbon, I realized stepping to the line was not the completion of the journey, it was just the beginning. Over the following years, I have served in several positions on the Waterloo Amateur Retriever Board, as well as various positions on WARC Hunt Test Committees. To further give back to the sport, in 2014, I began judging. Serving as a judge has allowed me to work closely with other judges and club members. I have been fortunate to work with very knowledgeable judges who willingly shared their knowledge and love for the sport. The skills developed in serving in these roles: time management, organization, and effective communication, are skills I hope will contribute to serving the Master National Board.
I work as a Nurse Practitioner in an Urgent Care Clinic. I love the challenge of Urgent Care; however, it requires critical thinking skills, minute attention to details, accurate record keeping, and working effectively with team members in a fast-paced high stress environment.

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