MNRC to Retire the Women’s Challenge Trophy

Women’s Challenge Trophy Loving Cup

In 2000, at the annual Master National event in Indiana, Michael O’Hearn introduced the Women’s Challenge Trophy Award. The WCT Award program was developed to provide special recognition to those handlers that were instrumental in introducing women to the Hunt Test games at the national level.
As is fitting, given their significant contributions, Sallie Sullivan Carolyn Goll and Cindy Read were the first recipients of the WCT at the MNRHT event in 2001, in Oklahoma.
In all respects, this program has been a tremendous success. Since its inception, over 50 trophies have been awarded. In 2016, over 135 of the entered dogs were handled by women. Due to this success, the MNRC has determined that it is appropriate to permanently recognize the pioneers of this success by retiring the Women’s Challenge Trophy Award after 2017. After the retirement in 2017, a permanent Award banner naming all Awardees will be presented each year along with the Hall of Fame banners.
Qualified handlers that complete all qualifying requirements in 2017 will receive the traditional loving cup trophy in addition to being named on the permanent Award banner. Any qualifying handlers with two qualifying passes after the 2017 event will be eligible for recognition on the permanent banner should they achieve the 3rd qualifying pass within the next 2 events.
Elaine Goodner and Corrine Clavey

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