MNRC Foundation Names Frank Barton, Humanitarian Award Winner

Frank Barton of West Memphis, Arkansas is the recipient of the 2020 MNRC Foundation Humanitarian Sportsman Recognition. On behalf of former Foundation President Bill Teague, the award was presented to Frank by Lynn Teague at the 202 1 Master National.  Frank has been involved as the MNRC Hunt Test Secretary for over 20 years.  Frank has also previously served as Treasurer and Secretary of the MNRC.  His devotion to MNRC is unprecedented.  Each year, Frank is there to administer the MNRC Entry System and the MNRC database.  Frank and Lynn Barton create the Maser National Catalog (which this year was 360 pages).  And Frank times and creates diagrams for each series during set-up week.

Frank was nominated for this award for his volunteer work for over 10 years with the Arkautla Physically Challenged Hunting Association. Frank continues his volunteer work with this group which offers physically handicapped hunters (many who are veterans) the opportunity to share a great hunting experience for those who would otherwise not be able to hunt.  Frank works with companies such as Polaris to design and assist with vehicles that can allow handicapped individuals to enjoy the great outdoors with the camaraderie of others.  Frank and other volunteers take the hunters in the heavier wheel chairs and place them onto the back of trucks with lift tailgates.  These hunters are taken to stands with all-weather road access.  The group also serves meals and helps with overnight accommodations at the deer camp.

Frank also volunteers with his local Indian Motorcycle Club to serve lunches to disabled veterans. The MNRC Foundation congratulates Frank for his volunteer work and positive spirit to help those in need.

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