MN Invitations: Address corrections

2015 InviteAlmost 1,300 Invitations for the 2015 Master National were mailed out to owners of qualified retrievers this year.  In just one batch of invitations sent out last month, almost 40 invitations were returned for incorrect addresses.
The reason for so many missed invitations appears to be the result of owners (or their agents) not entering or updating the correct information in their dog’s profile on Entry Express.  We are using EE address data to mail the Master National invitations.
Please be aware of this, and if information changes on your dog, change your Entry Express profile.  Money and very precious volunteer time is being wasted because of this.  We have received many complaints that “invitations” were NOT sent, when almost all of these were the result of incorrect addresses.
Thank you for helping us to make things run a bit smoother.

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