Meet the New Master National Hall of Fame Retrievers

Congratulations to our new 2019 Hall of Fame Master National Retrievers!  These retrievers have successfully Qualified at three Master National events.   New Hall of Fame retrievers will have their names added to the MNRC Hall of Fame banner and displayed at the 2020 event in Minnesota.
The event is scheduled for September 24- October 4.
And in case you have not already applied for your AKC MNH Certificate.  Here’s the link to the application:
Master National Hunter Title Certificate Order Form
Congratulations to our 2019 Hall of Fame Retrievers and their handlers and owners! And Congratulations also to those magnificent retrievers who moved up a notch and added another Qualifying Pass to their title!
To View the Complete List of Hall of Fame Retrievers CLICK HERE
Let’s give a big Shout Out to the New Hall of Fame Retrievers:

NameOfDog CallName Owner
Academy’s Deacon Howl’n Amen MH MNH Preacher M Bullen/S Bullen
Arrowhead’s Little Mischief MH MNH Chief Keith Kiesow
Aspetucks My Little Margie MH MNH Margie Robert Ehlers and Betsy Pohl
Bands and Bones Tactical Pursuit MH MNR Tac Walt Pipkin
Beau Chene’s Lady Sings The Blues MH MNH Lena Marta Morris
Beckylou’s Linc’ To Beamer MH Linc’ L Dejohn/B De John
Bigwoods Spooky Sir Sergei Le’Mule MH MNH Mule Robert McFarlane, MD
Black Powder Cali Tnt’s Blasting Cap MH MNH Blast A Christy
Bored Out Train Wreck N Ruby MH MNH Ruby Kenneth J Vidrine
Cajun Drake’s Faith Of A Rebel MH MNH Faith Chad Vidrine
California Waterspook Riden Shotgun MH MNH Ryder Robert Parks
Castile Creeks Super Swig MH MNR MNH Swig Jack O’Connor
Castile Creeks Tug Of War MH MNR MNH TUG Bernie Sykes
Comets Rolling Thunder MH MNH Thunder Mike Perry
Cour’s Peacemaker MH MNH Colt Luke Cour
Crimson’s Sweet as Dixie Crystal MH MNH Sugar Jimmy Hughes
Crosswinds Kinky Kid MH MNH L0 Bruce Halverson
Dreamyerer’s For A Few Dollars More MH MNH Hombre Art Stoner
Dude’s Black Water Shelby MH MNH Shelby B Kelly
Early Morning Smoke On The Water MH MNR MNH Smoke Kevin Hodges
Fancy Don’T Let Me Down IV MH MNH Fancy William J Monroe
Hammerin’ Hank’s Leroi Brown MH MNH Roy Brady Rutledge
Hawkeye’s Steel Pinnie MH MNH Pinnie Ashlee Haglund
Highroller Marshall Matt Dillon MH76 MNR MNH Dillon Hilda Wood
Hog Liver’s Load’em Up Jeep MH MNH Jeep D Hightower
JandJ’s Pink Dynamite MH MNH Pinky James Windham
Jts Double Trouble Alter Ego MH MNH Neo Jace Tramontin
Kenai’s Black Gold MH MNH Key Dan Boettger
King Leonidas Of Silverbrook MH MNH Leo Roxane and Michael Hixson
Lake Country’s Macho Mac MH MNH Mac Jim Elam
Lindy’s Marsh Missile MH MNH Cruiser Scott Lindy
Luke’s Going Full Throttle MH MNH Luke C Mckiernan
Mv Prairie Labs Don’T Fail Me Baylee MH MNR MNH Baylee Marta Morris
North Fork’s Big River Is Rising MH MNH Zeke Tom Mathis
Orion’s Lights Camera Action! MH MNH Action Kate Macartney
Pearl’s Vision Of Jet Callauh MH MNH Jet Chris Jobman
Perfect Marx Little Rascal MH MNH Razz Charles Pugh
Prairie Creek’s Artemis MH MNH Arti Keith Colburn
Redstar Herbettabegood MH MNH Goodie Eric Talley
Reibar’s Baypoint Asa Hearts MH MNH Asa D Campbell
Scissortail’s Brush Country Monster MH MNH Hoss Chris Jobman
Sic’Em On A Chicken MH MNR QA2 MNH Pete David Eaton
Silas Hey That’s A Fact Jack MH MNH Silas James Grant
Smoking Gun’s Sweet Thunder MH MNH Sugar Jeff Warren
Stellar’s Don’T Rock The Jukebox MH Jones Dede and Wayne Paterson
Stellar’s Out Of The Blue Rendezvous MH MNH Tryst D Patterson
Stellar’s Steady Trigger MH MNR MNH Trigger Nathan Proske
Tiger’s Come On Homeboy MH MNH Chief J Yerby
Troubador’s Enchanted Misty Morning Breeze MH MNH Breeze Mark Polkey
Vet’s Cut Above Lean Grade MH MNH Greta D Greer
Wild Wing Five Star Remington MH MNH Remi Marion Woolie
Wolfs Diamond MH MNH Diamond Joe Wolf
Wycos Lena-Linda Con Besos MH MNH Lena Randall and John Gerbino
Y-Farms Honey On The Move MH MNH Honey Richard (Todd) Hanson
You Have Got To Be Kidding CDX RE MH70 NA NAJ OF CGC MNH Joker Beth Sokohl
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