Meet the New 2022 Hall of Fame Master National Retrievers

Congratulations to our new 2022 Hall of Fame Master National Retrievers!  These retrievers have successfully Qualified at three Master National events.   New Hall of Fame retrievers will have their names added to the MNRC Hall of Fame banner and displayed at the 2023 event in Thomasville, Ga. Dates will be October 26 – November 5, 2023.

And in case you have not already applied for your AKC MNH Certificate.  Here’s the link to the application: Master National Hunter (MNH) Title Certificate Order Form

Congratulations to our 2022 Hall of Fame Retrievers and their handlers and owners! And Congratulations also to those magnificent retrievers who moved up a notch and added another Qualifying Pass to their title!

To View the Complete List of Hall of Fame Retrievers

Let’s give a big Shout Out to the New Hall of Fame Retrievers:

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Name of DogCall NameOwner
Ajs Sailor Katy’s Whips And Things MH MNHCoeJoal & Anja Walters
Annie’s Searchin For The Prize MH MNHBlueJeffrey Henderson
Bally’s Favorite Peanut MH MNHLionMary Ellen Hamilton, Marta Morris
Bayou-Star Air Stepper MH MNHJordanJack O’Connor III
Bear Creek’s Ebony Rebel King MH MNHRebelS Garland/T Garland
Black Majick’s Bringing Sexy Back MH MNHDivaTom and Tricia Mckenzie
Blue Shadow’s Shake ‘Em Up MH MNHShakerNora Barth
Blue’s Stormy Weather Satchmo MH MNHSatchmoDow Derato
Candlewoods Queen Of Country MH MNHRebaPam Dennis
Cash Creek’s Apache Chief MH MNHChiefBlake Sullivan
Cold Front’s Warrior Princess MH MNHZenaEric Noel
Conecuh River’s Lovable Lou MH MNHLouStuart Mash
Continental Cruisin The Hillside MH MNHNashJon T Schuetz
Crescent City Michelle MH MNHShellyKamy Nicholson
Cypress Creeks Traveling Man MH MNHSonnyLawton Hayes
Deci’s Little River Girl MH MNHRiverH Reynolds
Dixieland’s Goodtime Bull MH MNHBullKim Warren
DMR Golden Boy’s Black Magic MH MNHMagicLillian Logan
Duck Busters Bo Knows MH MNHBoKurtis Loftis
Easy Breezy’s Cover Girl MH MNHBreezyWoody Folsom
Ebb Tide’s Sweet Lou MH MNHLouTom Caine
FowlMasters Halle Bear MH MNHHalleMichael Monnington
G-Man’s Dreamboat Annie MH MNHAnnieRay Shanks/Matt Sterner
Gooseneck’s Fire Away MH MNHTravellerGlenn Rogers/Rebecca Rogers
Hardy Lakes Chipotle Gump MH MNHChipLonnie Burns
Harpers Itchin To Hunt “Hitch” MH MNH MAHHitchJoseph Harper
Healmarks Sam I Am MH MNHSamBecky Williams
Heather’s Wee Little Devil MH MNHGraceBrian Hawthorne
High Velocity Arrow XT MH MNH MAHDashKeith Kiesow
Hit The Ground Runnin’ MH MNHCruzDanny Pool
H-Town Reggie’s Lean Candy Blue Lac MH MNHReggieCarson Briles
In The Hunt I Wish I Wuz MH MNHWUZSkip Sparkman
Jaxx XIV MH MNHJaxxDavid Johnson
Jovi’s Josie Hampton MH MNHJosieGeorge Hampton
Lab’s Unlimited The Devil Wears Prada MH MNHPradaBill Cox
Leitner Farms Travl’N Girl MH MNHDakotaEileen Jobman
Locked And Loaded MH MNHBANGErnest D’Antoni
Louisiana Dark Roux MH MNHRouxbieBob Nicholson
Mark Wood Sargent MH MNHScoutJ Strange
Merganser’s Mr. Cooper MH MNHCooperSteve & Susan Souder
Oakview Rough and Tough Enough MH MNHRowdyLaurice Williams
Onedrdogs Over The Salish Sea MH MNHMaiseyVivian Huynh
Orion’s Crystal Sync Sound MH MNHCrystalKate Macartney
Pear Tree’s Fourth Blossom Vella MH MNHVellaJustin Jackson & Kayla Jackson
Pearson Creek Sagebrush Traveler MH MNHSageVic and Debbie Stuart
Prime Time Four’s A Full House MH MNHJessieRandall Gerbino/John Gerbino
Rattlin Ridge’s Willin O Ranmar MH MNHAliceRandy Clark and Dianne Clark
Red Rock’s Getting Tubby MH MNHTubbyRick Bullock, Sandy Bullock
Rooster’s Eye Of The Tiger MH MNHRockyBill Daniels
Ruff Rivers Crown Reserve MH MNHRocksJeff Bundy
Runnin Rebels Dabo MH MNHTigerMike Perry
Sgr’s Emilys’s Eve Of Destruction MH MNHEvieTaylor Neild
Shotgun Willie Nelson MH MNHWillieGarrett Walker
Sinking Creek’s Aces All In MH MNHAceJason Haddock
Sir Riley Merganser Of Creswell MH MNHRileyDonn Peacock
Spice’s Zen Master Kaizen MH MNHKaizenRob Somers
Starlight’s Born With A Silver Spoon MH MNHLuckyM Kehke, N Sanders
Stricklands Sonny Boy MH MNHSonnyLeroy Strickland
Swamp Collie’s Gotta Have Heart MH MNHFalcoMark & Shannon Atwater
Sylvia Joe Sefus Lipsey MH MNHJoeKevin Jackson
Testy Amigos MH MNHTessLance Kauffman
Tfk’s Tiger Dude’s Black Pine MH MNHPineDavid Boykin
Trigger Times Mudder Flippin Ten MH MNHBillyRusty & Ashlee Haglund
Troublesome Lorenzo Willis MH MNHHippieJack Hollingsworth
Trumarc’s Magz In Action MH MNHMaggieSheila Jones/Yancy Jones
Try It You’Ll Like It MH MNHMikeyJohn Leger
Washita’s Lone Ranger MH MNHSabeJeff Chesnut
White River Witchy Woman MH MNHCharleeJim Ronquest
Wolfs Ruby MH MNHRubyDeborah Wolf
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