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Here’s an Update from UpClosePhoto:
All right, making some progress. For those of you that had us do commission shoots of your dog, we have begun uploading those images. Here is a link to the ‘EXTRAS’ album. Your dog will have its own album in there. If you don’t see an album with your dog there yet, don’t panic- we have quite a few more still to upload. We are uploading chronologically in the order we shot them. Day 1 (Thurs 10/18) images have been uploaded.
Link to Extras
We have completed renaming and sorting the first two series of Flight D, which comprised a bit over 18,000 images. Needless to say we cut the field by quite a bit. We will not begin uploading until images from all series of a given flight have been renamed and sorted.
We are still on track to BEGIN uploading event images sometime next week. We will continue to upload remaining commission photos into the EXTRAS album.
For future reference, here is the link to the 2012 MASTER NATIONAL album where all competing dogs will eventually be uploaded:
2012 Master National Album
Thanks for your patience, if you have any questions email or call.
If you would like to receive periodic updates directly from can send an email (from the website or and put “MN PHOTO UPDATE” in the subject line.
Shannon & Mark Atwater and their team went through extraordinary measures to take just the right shot and it will be well worth the wait!

Photog hidden in blind
Can you find the photographer? It’s Shannon Atwater in Flight B staying well hidden from view.
Congratulations to all who participated and worked so hard to make this a great event!

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