Mandatory Handlers’ Meeting

Wednesday September 28, 2022

Judges Instructions

  • Have Fun!!!
  • Shoulder the gun with two hands on the gun
  • Wear dark or camo clothing
  • If you handle on a mark, handle all of the way to the mark.
  • Be courteous to the other handlers, bird throwers, judges, marshals and flight coordinators.
  • Take your time
  • Run your dogs and let the judges judge.
  • All questions about callbacks must go through the marshal
  • We will be using buckets to place birds into, please us

Judges Pairings

Flight A: Blake Lemish & Jeff Henderson

Flight B: Bill Skeels & Linda Johnson

Flight C: Julie Cairns & Elbert Traylor

Flight D: Dave Philips & Ted DeLooze

Flight E; Carol Hynes & Kit McGlurg

Flight F: Troy Tilleraas & David Jansma

Flight Test Locations as Follows:

Flight A – Celebration Lower

Flight B – Quail Lane

Flight C – Strader (French Creek) West

Flight D – Strader (French Creek) East

Flight E – Kahn’s – Butterfly Pond

Flight F – Kahn’s – Sheep Barn

Starting Dog Each Flight # 12

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