Important Notice to MNRC Clubs: Proposed By-Law Changes

The Master National Retriever ClubAll Master National Retriever Club contacts and delegates have been emailed information about two proposed changes to the MNRC By-Laws.
One  proposal made by the MNRC Board of Directors and supported by several clubs has a change to the current by-laws that would exempt Hall of Fame dogs (MNH title holders) from having to re-qualify for the Master National each year.
To view the Proposed “Hall of Fame Exemption” proposal CLICK HERE
To view the entire By-Law HOF justification for this change CLICK HERE
The second proposal was made by Western New York Retriever Club, Ohio Valley Retriever Club and Presque Isle Retriever Club of Erie, PA.
This By-Law change would require a dog to pass 6 of 8 Master Hunt Tests at MNRC clubs to qualify for the Master National event each qualifying year.
To view the entire Proposed “6 of 8 Tests” change  CLICK HERE
To view the justification for the 6-of-8 pass rate change CLICK HERE
Please note: Ballots must be returned to Elaine Goodner, MNRC Secretary by email: or US mail: 2817 Duell Ave., Medford, OR 97501
Deadline is June 5, 2015.
Only Ballots with Club Names will be counted, these have been sent to each club.

Results of club ballots will be posted on the Master National Retriever Club web site.

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