Important Notice to MNH Handlers

IMG_0972 copyThe new MNH Qualifier Rule takes effect this year, which means all MNH dogs are automatically qualified to enter the 2016 Master National.
Because this is the first year this rule applies, we have a bit of a dilemma.  The MNRC is trying to get a handle on the number of MNH dogs that will not be participating in St. Louis.  We would like to know which retrievers are now retired and whether some of the dogs on our list may have passed away. Very few handlers ‘formally’ retire their dogs, so the MNRC does not have an accurate count of retired retrievers. And we also have no formal process for knowing what dogs may not be with us today.
Please Email Hunt Test Secretary Frank Barton the dog’s Name and AKC Registration number if your dog is in either of these categories.
Frank’s Email:
This will help us to get an accurate count of those dogs and help us to estimate who might attend the 2016 test.
Please be aware our newest MNRC Qualified Dogs list will include some of these dogs and we apologize in advance if your retriever has died and appears on our current list.  If you will please let us know if he is retired or has died, we will remove him from the list and he will not keep appearing each time we update Qualified Dogs.
Also if your MNH Dog is not on the Qualified list and you intend to run the 2016 event please send Frank Barton his name and registration number.
Preview 2016 Qualified List 

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