Important Notice: Cell Phone coverage at Flint Oak

We would like all handlers and guests to be aware of the cell phone coverage at this year’s Master National.
Flint Oak in Fall River, Kansas is a very rural area located in the Flint Hills with rolling terrain and tree cover.  Due to the location, cell phone coverage is extremely spotty. 
Verizon offers the best coverage at the Flint Oak property test sites.  Coverage at the actual test properties for those using AT&T is very poor.
The Master National is working with Flint Oak to increase cell coverage in areas around the Lodge and Tent where our social events will take place. The MNRC is working to install dual-band signal amplifiers to boost cell service.  These amplifiers will NOT help at the actual test sites, only the Flint Oak Lodge and Tent area.
IF cell phone contact is important for you at the test sites, and AT&T is your carrier, we suggest you make alternate plans to get perhaps a temporary prepaid phone with Verizon service to use at the test sites.
NOTE: Texting is likely to work on both carriers; we are referring to actual cell phone use only.
We believe cell phone coverage by both carriers, in and around hotel areas in Independence and other towns may be better. If you are worried about the lack of phone coverage in those areas, we suggest you contact your hotel location to be certain.

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