Important Notice About Master National Social Events

As I’m sure you are, the Master National Board of Directors has been closely monitoring the number of Covid cases across the US.  Cases of Covid-19, especially the Delta Variant, are rising with numbers approaching and even exceeding some of the reports nearly 18 months ago. Hospitals including those in Idaho, are pausing elective surgeries and other non-life threatening cases to make room for Covid patients.

It is with heavy emotions that I must report to you that in a special meeting of the MNRC Board of Directors, the board voted for the closing of all in-person social events, including our traditional Opening Ceremony.

The Board felt we could not provide for the health and safety of all the participants while seated closely in the tent.  That includes the Opening Ceremony, the Handler’s Meeting and the Workers’ Appreciation dinner. We fully understand the emotions of disappointment that everyone will feel with this announcement.

The risk was too high to either shut down a flight or even stopping the entire competition due to an outbreak that could have spread from one of the social events. You have spent too much time, effort and money to get to this event to have it shut down due to someone who may be contagious at one of the social events.  While the social events are anxiously anticipated, we are all first and foremost going to this event to showcase our retrievers.

We are feverishly working on other ways to have the Handler’s meeting and the Annual Meeting and equally important, to appreciate all our workers.  We’re looking into Live Streaming and other ways to get you the information you need as well as an On-Line Store. A new Schedule of Events will be forthcoming.  As you can imagine, we face enormous logistical problems trying to change gears this close to the event. We all want our dogs to participate and this Board is committed to getting it done. Please do your part; consider getting vaccinated, follow CDC Health Guidelines and be smart when gathering.

The Board of Directors and local Host team are working hard to put together a workable plan as we face our ever-changing world. Please know that we are doing everything conceivable to make this competition happen. No one wants to repeat the devastation of canceling or closing another event. The Board welcomes your feedback so please contact your Regional officers.

My sincere appreciation for your understanding and support.

Stay well and stay safe. And together, we’ll see each other at the line in Valley County, Idaho.

Keith Winch
MNRC President 2021

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