Important Message: By-Laws Change

Second By-Laws Change:
Below is a second By-Laws change that will be on the ballot this year. Master Amateur Retriever Club (MARC) is a member club of Master National Retriever Club (MNRC).
The Board of Directors recommends MNRC recognize that a qualification at MARC be counted as two qualifications.

  1.   MARC is running the same format (6 series) as the Master National.
  2.   MARC has demonstrated excellent judge’s selection.
  3.   Passing a six series test is much harder than a double header weekend test.
  4.   By recognizing MARC with two qualifications, it would take pressure off entries for weekend tests.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to your Region’s Director and V.P. or Kevin Bunnell, President MNRC
Elaine Goodner, MNRC Sec.
MNRC By-Laws

Number of Contestants, Eligibility and Entry Fees
(a) Contestants shall be limited to the following:
(1) Qualifying dogs of the previous year’s Master National Hunting Retriever Test shall receive credit for two qualifying scores.
(2) All contestants shall be required to obtain qualifying scores in a minimum of six (6) Master Hunting tests conducted by member clubs. Contestants who enter exclusively in Alaska must obtain qualifying scores in a minimum of four Master tests by member clubs and have an MH title.
(3) Dogs, domiciled in Canada, running exclusively in CKC Master Hunt Test events, that passed the most recent CKC Canadian Master National Hunt Test prior to the July 31st MNRC qualifying end date.
(4) Dogs having passed three prior MNRC annual events are exempt from the requirements of Paragraphs (2) & (3) of this section and are qualified for all future MNRC annual events
(5) Qualifying dogs of the current year’s Master Amateur Retriever Club (MARC) Hunting Retriever Test shall receive credit for two qualifying scores towards the current year’s Master National Retriever Club (MNRC) Hunting Retriever Test, provided that eligibility to enter the current year’s MARC event came from MNRC member Clubs during the MNRC qualifying period for the MNRC current year.

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