Flight C first series – "Not So"

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Sunday October 10, 2010. The first series for Flight C was a land water triple with a blind, “Not So”. Judges: Bill Blochowiak and Keith Kiesow.
A dog on the line in this series is in a small depression with an 18-20 inch mound in front and a second to the right which you can’t see from the gallery. The first bird down is thrown, from nearly complete concealment, angled back from right to left at about 70 yards. What the handler can’t see from the line are multiple obstacles including an out of sight ditch and a small finger of water, connecting ponds, angling away from the line to the mark. Most dogs are out of sight for several seconds on this mark.
The second and third bird stations visually overlap but are not totally inline as seen from the line. The second bird down is a flyer from left to right at 125 yards or more. The line to this bird is over the top of the mound in front of the working dog. The third bird down is thrown right to left angled back into millet.
After you pick up the marks, there is an under the arch blind past the last bird down and three feet to the right of the edge of the millet cover. The millet cover and the go-bird placement create a great deal of suction and handlers are having problems with dogs going into the millet cover and then getting them out and back on line.
All birds in this series are ducks. This we will not have a mixed bag of ducks and pheasants.

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