Diagram: Upper Goose Land/Water

Upper Goose Land/Water

This is a Land/Water Triple with a double blind and honor. Bird #1 is a dead duck thrown angled left to right from the gun station and landing at 70 yds. Bird #2 is a duck flyer to the handler’s left and lands in the narrow corner of Upper Goose Pond at 50 yds. Bird #3 comes from the handler’s right side and lands up the hill in medium cover The land blind is 83 yds up the hillside and left of the third mark. The line to the water blind is between gun station #1 and the Flyer station. It is 95 yds across the narrow corner of Upper Goose. One the marks are down handlers are instructed to pick up a mark, pick up the water blind, pick up the remaining marks, and then pick up the land blind. The test concludes with an honor.

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