Diagram: Lee's Pond Land Water

Lee’s Pond Land Water
This is a Land Water Triple with a double blind and honor. Bird #1 is a dead duck thrown from the handler’s left side. It is thrown left to right into the corner of the water at 44 yds. Bird #2 is thrown on a point of land in medium cover at 22 yds. Bird #3 is a duck flyer thrown from the extreme right of the handler. It is thrown across a road and lands 48 yds away. After picking up the marks the handler is  allowed to choose which blind they run first. The water blind is on the tip of a peninsula of land to the handlers left. The line to this blind required the to take water, land, water, swim past the area where Bird #1 landed and continue to swim to pick up the 85 yd water blind. The 107 yd land blind is to handler’s right and is under the arc of the Flyer. After completing the marks and blinds the dog must complete an honor. The handler is instructed to sit his dog on the front side of a holding blind and move to the other side of the holding to create a “remote honor.”

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