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About W. Clayton Crawford
W. Clayton Crawford was a professional dog trainer who lived in Smyrna Delaware with his wife Susan and their two sons Scott and Chad. Clayton was a dedicated trainer, handler, and a treasured friend to all who knew him.
He had an infectious smile and touched the lives of many people, always willing and able to give of his time and talent to help them improve as a handler or as a person.
When the Master National was but an idea, Clayton embraced it. He envisioned it as a terrific complement to the AKC Hunt Test Program giving people something more to strive for, that being the ability to showcase their dogs in front of the rest of the country.
Clayton did everything he possibly could to get it off the ground and make it a success. He loved the Master National.
Clayton died suddenly doing what he loved, being on line handling a dog at Swamp Dog Club’s hunt test at the “Brickyard” in Quakertown, Penn. on Sunday, Nov.12, 1995.
At each year’s event the Master National Retriever Club Board of Directors votes as to the recipient of the Clayton Crawford Memorial Award. This award is given to honor and recognize the person or persons whose unconditional help and hard work made the current year’s event a success.
This award perpetuates the name of W. Clayton Crawford. An engraved plaque is presented to the recipient(s) at the Master National Closing Ceremony at the conclusion of the event.    
Written by Frank Prendergast
Clayton Crawford Memorial Award Winners
2016 Jeannie Greenlee, Weldon Springs, MO
2015 Butch Driggers,
Cheraw, SC
2014 Brad Henman
, Corning, CA
2013 Todd Manual
and The Staff at Flint Oak,
Fall River, Ks
2012 Bill Mason,
Greensboro, AL
Frank and Terri Durham, Vienna MD
2010 Jay and Raelene Phelps, Corning CA
2006 The Meade Ranch Staff, Morgan Hills California
2002 Michael Allen O’Hearn
2000 Frank Prendergast and  Russ Reavis and Theresa Kucan
1999 Sidney Sidwell

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