Clarification: Proposals to revise qualifying standards for MN

Answers from Tammy Adsitt, Western New York RC, author of the proposal to Revise Qualifying Standards for the Master National Event.
Two questions have been cropping up in conversations about the proposal and Tammy answers them here.
1.     If passing the MN event equals 2 passes then does failing count as 2 failures?
Our intention with this proposal is clear….qualifying dogs to enter the MN that are consistent.
That being said, if a dog qualified to run the previous year’s event, then it was running consistent – meeting the qualification requirements – and subsequently running the MN.  If the dog fails at that MN, for whatever reason, that does NOT count as a fail for the next year’s event.
It’s a “perk” to pass the MN and get credited for 2 passes….there is no penalty for having failed a MN – that dog needs 6 out of 8 passes – so it has to prove it’s consistency again.
2.     Does the “medical reasons…may only be used ONCE” pertain to bitches in season?  Some bitches may cone in season twice during the qualifying year.
As for the bitches coming into season twice in a qualifying year, at the(weekend)event, after the (weekend)event has started, is one of those “what if’s” that the chances of it happening are slim to none.

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