Tracy Hughes

Hunt Test Secretary

164 County Road 383, Kilen, Alabama 35645

My name is Tracy Hughes.  My husband Jimmy and I live in Killen, Alabama.  We currently have 6 labs that are Master Hunters, and have been blessed to own 15 Master Hunters, and 5 Master National Hall of Fame dogs, including one MNH6 dog named Glory. 

Jimmy and I have been members of the Middle Tennessee Amateur Retriever Club since 2002.  We have been married for 14 years, and we met while we were both training and running our own dogs.  I ran my first Master National event in 2012, and have had at least one dog qualified every year since then. 

Jimmy and I have 10-year-old twins, Nathan and Sidney, who are Junior Handlers and they have run Junior Tests with one of our older, more experienced and steady dogs.  Nathan and Sidney traveled with us to California to their first Master National event in 2014 at 16 months old.

I began judging in 2013 and due to the unusual circumstances of Covid in 2021, I judged Master National in Idaho.  I feel that after benefitting from so many others that have volunteered their time over the last 22 years, that I owe it to our sport to return that time and effort so others can also enjoy running their dogs.

I am very thankful for the many friendships that the retriever games have given me, and hope to continue enjoying our sport for many years to come.   

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