Jeffrey Henderson – Director

Region I Representative

798 Corbett Hill Road, Mount Olive , North Carolina 28365

Let me begin by saying thank you Region 1 for electing me as your Region Director.

Growing up on an eastern North Carolina tobacco farm, I have been an avid hunter and outdoorsman my entire life. Hunting for me always included some type of hound, whether it be on the trail of a rabbit, bear, raccoon, or deer. As I have grown older, the importance of a trained retriever became so much more valuable to me than the actual hunt.

In 2009, after returning from a hunting trip out west, I suffered a stroke and lost mobility in my right arm. While the Lord blessed me with a full recovery, my ability to hunt, as I had in the past, was more challenging. I switched gears and began to learn the different facets of the hunt test world. I have been blessed personally with very talented dogs and exceptionally knowledgeable trainers and mentors.

The friendships and the experience I have gained, and continue to gain, about this sport has been invaluable, I am thankful for my family who has supported my journey and our dogs over the years. My wife has tolerated my motto of ”just one more.” The true backbone of this sport and what means the most to me, besides the dogs, are the people.

From the handlers to the bird techs to the families that are there for support, it takes a village to put on a fair and quality test. Early in my judging assignments I had a mentor that asked me repeatedly if I was fair to the dog. In every test I judge those words resonate in my mind, was I fair to the dog?

In 2022, I represented Region 1 as a judge for the Master National. Congratulations to all who qualified. It is a journey full of triumphs and disappointments that led you to represent the best of the best in the Master National Hunt Test arena.

I saw the most talented dogs in the country participate in the quest for the coveted AKC Master National pewter plate. It was truly a great experience.

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