AKC Entry Notice Urgent Action Required

The AKC has requested that Entry Express comply with the AKC Rules/Regulations when accepting entries as agent for clubs hosting AKC events. Chapter 1, Section 16 of the Regulations & Guidelines for AKC Hunting Tests for Retrievers, and Chapter 8, Section 4 of the Field Trial Rules and Standard Procedure for Retrievers read, “Each entry form must be completed in full and the information given on the entry form must be that which applies to the entered dog.”  This data must be both accurate, complete and include:
1. Retriever Trials Only this dog is qualified for (check the box): Limited All-Age Stake, Restricted All-Stake, Special All-Age Stake
2. AKC or Foreign Registration Number
3. Full Registered Name
4. Breed
5. Call Name
6. Sex
7. Date of Birth
8. Sire Full Registered Name
9. Dam Full Registered Name Note: The names of the sire & dam are not required for dogs with a PAL Listing or Conditional Registration
10. Name of Breeder
11. Actual Owner(s)
a. Name
b. Address
c. City
d. State
e. Zip
f. Telephone
g. Email
12. Name of Owner’s Agent/Handler
As an owner, trainer, handler or agent you should go to the Profile Page of each dog you intend to enter sufficiently in advance of any event you intend to enter or have entered on your behalf in an AKC event to ensure that your entry will be complete and accepted. Under AKC Rules/Regulations, incomplete entries cannot be accepted. You must update and complete the above information for each dog that you own, enter, plan to enter or have entered on your behalf. EE cannot input this data for you, as an owner, trainer or handler who intends to enter a dog in an AKC event, you must ensure that the dog record is complete and accurate.
As we comply with AKC rules and regulations, Entry Express acknowledges this may be a brief inconvenience for some users to fully complete information required on event premiums, however, it must be accomplished in order to enter AKC events.
Thanks for your cooperation – Entry Express

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