AKC Appoints Chair of Retriever Advisory Committee

Doug Ljungren, Executive Vice President Sports and Events of the American Kennel Club has appointed Jack D. Combs as the new Chair of the AKC Retriever Hunting Test Advisory Committee.
“I’m very excited and look forward to working with the members of Advisory team and the AKC,” said Combs. “The growth of our sport is unprecedented which has presented new challenges for us. There is much to do and I am committed to continuing our forward progress.”
Bill Teague, who has provided leadership as the Chair of this Committee for nine years, is stepping down. The AKC Performance Events Department appreciates his dedication to the sport and acknowledges his many contributions.  Other members of the Advisory Committee include Keith Maready, Eastern tine zone; Carol Hynes, Central time zone; Dave Coffey, Mountain time zone and Patricia “Patty” Polish, Pacific time zone.
Combs has served on the Master National Retriever Club Board of Directors for nine years  and is currently the President of MNRC.  After 35 years, he recently retired from teaching Public Policy and Social Science Research Methods at Brown University in Providence, RI.
It is the responsibility of the RHT Advisory Committee to provide input to the AKC Performance Events Department with regard to the Retriever Hunting Test Regulations. This may involve clarification of existing Regulations or new Regulations that are felt to enhance the sport. Topics for Advisory Committee discussion may originate from AKC HT participants or from the Committee members themselves. The Performance Events Department may also direct ideas to the Committee for consideration.

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