A Message from the MNRC President Gloria Mundell

This is definitely an exciting time to be President of the Master National Retriever Club. Every year we seem to be breaking new grounds and new entry records. This past year in Alabama was no exception with 713 entries – 690 running dogs. Overwhelming, I must admit.
I am very privileged to work with such competent and dedicated people – your Master National Board. They somehow manage to surpass each year’s expectations and do it with aplomb! These people devote a large amount of time to insure each Master National Event is a success. I simply could not be prouder. It is always a humbling experience to be associated with such a committed group of people.
All of you contribute to a successful Event as well. Every volunteer, every job no matter how large or how small, helps make our Master National so special. We rely on you, too! Without all of your help in the field, with hospitality, with marshaling, with bird stewarding and just about anything else that could possibly come up, we simply would be at a loss to hold an Event of this magnitude. So a special thanks to you. All of us working together, enjoying what we all love, spending time with our friends and our incredible dogs. Special times.! A special Event!
Looking forward to seeing all of you in Kansas! Sept. 21-29, 2013.

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