2022 Dogs Qualified to Run

Note: While all MNH dogs are automatically qualified for the Master National event, MNH dogs will be added to this list when they pass a test during the qualifying year after earning the MNH title and we can see that the dog is still active.

wdt_ID Dog Breed Owner
1 3m Foxy Kona MH Lab J Lane
2 6bears Chasing The Perfect Storm MH Lab B Berrecloth/S Berrecloth
3 6bears Gatorpoint Rhea MH Lab B Berrecloth/S Berrecloth
4 6bears Just Sippin On Sweet Tea MH Lab B Berrecloth/S Berrecloth
5 Abandoned Road's Caffeine Explosion MH MNH4 MAH4 Lab C Pugh
6 Abhainn's Prairie Plains Fyre MH JHU Lab L Woods/S Woods
7 About The Pond's Midnight Dreamer MH Lab D Crider
8 Academy's Buy A Lady A Drink MH Lab T Mitchell
9 Academy's Deacon Howl'N Amen MH MNH Lab M Bullen/S Bullen
10 Academy's Longhunter Daniel Boone MH Lab T Mitchell
11 Academy's Pick'Em All Up MH Lab P Dennis
12 Academy's Pretty Woman's Midnight Magic   Lab Ken & Beth Walizer
13 Academy's Shoot 'Em Down Turn Around MH   Lab Ken & Beth Walizer
14 AGCH MACH6 Emberain Red Rum Punch MH MXG2 PDS MJC2 PJS MFC TQX T2B5 Golden E Ryska/E Ryska
15 Agent Natasha Romanova MH Lab Gordon Nichols
16 Ahoy Dark Beauty MH Lab R Randleman
17 Aimpowers Captain's Creole Cash MH Lab L Hoover
18 Ajs Labs Once Upon A Time MH Lab A Walters/J Walters
19 Ajs Labs Song Of The South MH Lab J Walters/A Walters
20 Ajs Sailor Katy's I Shot The Sheriff MH Lab a walters/j walters
21 Ajs Sailor Katy's Whips And Things MH Lab J walters/A walters
22 Ajtop Cody's Kajun Pride MH Lab C Billings
23 Alabamas True Romance MH Lab R Dutton/K Dutton
24 Alaska's Northern Flyer   Lab Butch Cavanaugh
25 AmberJacks's Riptide Rippin Cohiba MH   Lab Jack Johnson, Amber Johnson
26 Ammo Catch of the Day MH   Golden Conner Wilson
27 Anderson's Cow Bayou Duke MH Lab A Anderson
28 Anderson's Cow Bayou Tank MH Lab D Anderson
29 Annett's Milo MH Lab J Annett
30 Annie's Searchin For The Prize MH Lab J Henderson
31 Apex Football Star MH Lab D Johnson
32 Apex Lil Gangsta Chick MH   Lab Dane Johnson
33 Armbrook Bristol's Find Chapter 2 MH Lab S Raynor
34 Armbrook Sweet Magnolia MH Lab E Armfield/C Morse
35 Armbrook's Sassy Emma Jean MH Lab R Vaughan
36 Arrowhead's Little Mischief MH MNH MAH4 Lab K Kiesow
37 Ashdown Of Rockstar Dumas MH Lab L Syler
38 Atta Tudy Lab D Dodge
39 Attack Of The Flaming Paws Ember MH Lab J Langston
40 Autumn's Annie Get Your Gun'S MH Lab Y Becker
41 Autumn's Don'T Look Down MH Lab K Quarles
42 Autumn's Follow My Lead MH Lab J Cairns
43 Autumn's Klondike Kate MH Lab T Quarles
44 Autumn's Ruffcut Diamond At Fernhaven MH Lab J Fowler/C Fowler
45 Autumn's Sunka Luta Naco RN MH CGC Golden F McKane
46 Autumn's Sunka Luta Sioux CD RI MH CGC Golden F McKane
47 Awrey's Guns A Blazin' MH Golden C Hempel
48 Axl'Spotashnick MH Lab C Jones
49 Baby Blue Hells Angel MH Lab J Swan
50 Back Woods Gambler MH Lab B Autrey
51 Back Woods Gambler MH MNH Lab B Autrey
52 Backdraft's Saving Grace Lab Z Campbell
53 Backwaters Traveln Medicin Man MH Lab R Archer/A Archer
54 Backwoods My Name Is Bocephus MH Lab Heather Harris
55 Bally's Can't Touch This MH   Lab Adam Bally, Cortney Bally
56 Bally's Favorite Peanut MH Lab Mary Ellen Hamilton, Marta Morris
57 Bally's Magazine Mogul MH Lab A Bally/A Bally
58 Bally's They Really Do Exist MH   Lab Jon Winters
59 Banded Chasin' Super Trooper MH Lab R Gannon
60 Bar-M's Little Firecracker MH Lab M Howe/R Cole
61 Barker's Pride Of Hyde Lab P Barker
62 Barracuda's Double Shot MH Lab R Simmons
63 Barrow's Never Ceasing   Lab Ryan Middaugh
64 Bass;S Riverboat Just Had To Keep Her MH Lab T Bass/N Bass
65 Bass's Riverboat Gamble MH   Lab Timothy Bass, Nancy Bass
66 Bass's Riverboat Grace MH Lab Timothy Bass, Nancy Bass
67 Bass's Riverboat It's Only Money MH   Lab Timothy Bass, Nancy Bass
68 Bass's Riverboat Outlaw MH   Lab Timothy Bass, Nancy Bass
69 Battle Creek's Chief Of The Watch MH Lab stefan mehalovich
70 Bay Country's Shotgun Ryder MH   Lab Bobby Heim
71 Bay Creeks Carbon Copy Of Mischief MH Lab R Moore
72 Baycreeks Twice The Caffeine MH   Lab Kelsi Toth
73 Bayou Bays Bullpen's Bazooka   Lab Wendall williams, Kay Williams
74 Bayou Bonnie Bon Temps MH Golden J McCarter
75 Bayou Magic's Joe Quigley MH Lab W Johnson/B Johnson
76 Bayou Magic's Louisiana Belle MH Lab C McCall
77 Bayou Riverhills Carolina Smoke MH Lab D Henderson
78 Bayou Teche Geaux Undefeated MH Lab C Dodd
79 Bayou-Star Air Stepper MH Lab J O'CONNOR
80 Baypoint's Heaven Sent MH Lab T Pitts
81 BCK'S Candlewoods Queen of Spades MH   Lab Greg Mills, Nancy Mills
82 Bck's Lots Of Luck Lottie MH Lab G Mills/N Mills
83 Bck's On Line Rhuby MH Lab G Mills/N Mills
84 Be Sure You're Right Then Go Ahead   Lab Frankie H Fowler
85 Bear Country's Love On The Rox MH Lab L Luthanauer/S Catledge
86 Bear Creek's Ebony Rebel King MH Lab S Garland/T Garland
87 Bearpoint's Mad Max Maverick MH   Lab Brian Schumann
88 Beau Chene's Lady Sings The Blues MH MNH Lab M Morris
89 Beaver's Dakota Cajun Beau MH Lab B Beaver
90 Because Of You MH Golden T Jackson
91 Beckylou's Linc' To Beamer MH MNH Lab L Dejohn/B De John
92 Beechglenns Coastline MH Lab J Oven
93 Beechglenns St. Teresa MH MAH Lab J Oven
94 Best Lil Memory Maker MH Lab D Junek
95 Best Shot Of Southern Comfort MH Lab R Braziel
96 Bfe Cranky Cowboy Cody JH Lab W Brines
97 Big Creek's Roamin For Ducks MH Lab T Oglesby
98 Big Mamou's Run Forest Run MH MNH8 Lab J Perron/T Perron
99 Big R's She's Got The Look MH Lab S Rains/T Rains
100 Big Red Chief MH Lab G Sellers
Dog Breed Owner

Note: While MNH dogs are fully qualified for the 2022 event they do not appear on the qualifier list until after they pass their first test during the qualifying period. If your dog has not passed one of these tests and you would like us to list it, please contact Event Secretary Frank Barton at fbarton@bartonpowersports.com.

Why is my dog’s name missing from the list of qualified dogs?

If your dog isn’t on the list of qualifiers, don’t panic. Your dog’s name may be missing due to one of the following reasons:

  1. An MNRC club has not sent in the results of their test or it has not been received or processed yet by the AKC.
  2. The results were accidentally omitted from the catalog.
  3. Good old human error. The MNRC is now the sole official source of tracking qualifiers, We will make our best efforts to list qualifiers in a timely manner, but sometimes delays occur.

If you believe that an omission has occurred please contact the MNRC event Secretary Frank Barton at fbarton@bartonpowersports.com.

Send the following information: Dog’s name and the tests where the passes occurred. Frank will respond to your inquiry. Do Not Contact the AKC.

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