2019 Pre-National Training Property Draw

The Carolinas Host Committee would like to remind everyone that the FIRST DRAW for training properties will be Saturday October 12th, at 4 p.m. at the Club House at H. Cooper Black Memorial Field Trial area,  279 Sporting Dog Trail, Cheraw, SC.  Please do not come to the draw if you have already arranged for private training grounds.
We are so thankful to the property owners who have graciously granted us access to their properties for Pre-National training.  If, while training on one of these properties, you see the property owner, please make sure to thank them for the use of their property.
If you are going to be shooting a live flyer while in South Carolina, you MUST have a valid South Carolina hunting license. Note: If you are a gunner at the Master National event, you do NOT need a SC hunting license while shooting at the event.
The Second Training Property Draw will be on Tuesday, October 15th at 4:00 pm again at the Club House at H. Cooper Black, 279 Sporting Dog Trail, Cheraw, SC.
Training birds should be disposed of at the area designated at H. Cooper Black. Trash birds, if bagged, must be bagged in burlap bags (gunny sacks) –no plastic.
Please keep in mind the Following Rules:

  • Do not train on any property that is not designated as a training property unless you have independently made arrangements with the property owner.
  • If you open a gate, please close it behind you.
  • Drive on the designated roads whenever possible.
  • Pick up all of your garbage and take it with you. This includes your training birds and shotgun shells.
  • Please do not use glass containers on the grounds.
  • No open fires or smoking outside the vehicles.
  • Please be respectful of which properties allow for flyers and which ones do not.
  • If you have a small training group, you may want to consider asking others to join you as the training properties are limited.

There are alligators in South Carolina.  So, please do not air or train your dog(s) in an area that has not already been designated for use.

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