2019 MNRC Vendor Regulations Letter

The Master National Retriever Club (MNRC) thanks you for your interest in being a vendor at our annual national event.  We are an AKC recognized and licensed performance events club.  MNRC is made up of other clubs across the US and we run one (1) national retriever event annually always in the fall months.
To become a vendor for this year’s event, the MNRC has developed this process for you.  First, upon inquiry or contact of interest, you will receive this application & regulations form.  After reading about this, filling out and returning the application & product list to the MNRC, our approval committee will look it all over and make a final decision.  The address or fax number is listed on the application.
If approved you will be notified by mail.  Sign the contract, initial where indicated and return it with payment in full by Sept. 15th of the current year.  Please note, vendors need to apply annually.
If circumstances cause you not to be able to fulfill the contract by not attending the MNRC event, then a written letter needs to be sent to the MNRC listing the reason.  The committee will then determine if your fee or any part of that fee will be returned to you.
Events are never cancelled due to weather.  If you are approved to be one of the vendors, please plan on inclement weather conditions.  If you decided not to participate due to weather or leave prematurely, no refund of fee will be given.
As a vendor it is your total responsibility for any and all license fees, taxes (including but not limited to state sales tax if applicable), and any other fees legally required by the state that the MNRC event is being held in for that year.
You agree by signing the contract that the MNRC is in no way to be held responsible or liable in regards to your time as a vendor at the MNRC event.
Booth size will be a maximum of 10 x 20 ft. with a fee of $150.  If additional space or booth sizes are necessary for you then the larger size will be negotiated at the time you tell us what size you are requiring.  Payment, as stated above, for this booth is due Sept. 15th of the current year.  If partial payment or no payment is received by the MNRC by the said date then it will indicate that you are not interested and your space will be given to other vendors.
All equipment & supplies for your booth is your responsibility.  Do not plan on there being electricity.  Currently the MNRC is planning on having the vendors in a pre-determined area outside in the parking lot and outside at the event onsite headquarters; this would require that you need to move your booth during the event if you want to continue to sell throughout the week.  If that changes, you will be given ample notification.
You will be allowed to set up at the pre-determined area on Friday, October 18th, 2019 between 7AM and 9AM at Coker College in Hartsville, SC.  Vendors can open their booths for business at 9AM that day but not before.  What time you want to close your booth will be up to you.  Also, any time after Friday, you can determine the hours of operations for your booth and you may want to move your booth to the onsite event headquarters which is the clubhouse at H. Cooper Black grounds in Cheraw, SC.
It will be your sole responsibility for the security of your booth & your products.  The MNRC does not have security measures and neither does the sites of operations.  NEITHER the MNRC or site owners will hold any responsibility for this.  No signs, except on your booth, will be allowed to be posted.  Nothing is to be attached to any wall, column, or structure at the sites you are allowed at.

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