2018 New Master National Hall of Fame Retrievers

Congratulations to our new 2018 Hall of Fame Master National Retrievers!  These retrievers have successfully Qualified at three Master National events.   New Hall of Fame retrievers will have their names added to the MNRC Hall of Fame banner at this year’s event.
And just a reminder, if you would like to be included in our Hall of Fame video this year, please gather up your information now!
This video is created before the 2019 Master National event and will be shown at the Handler’s Dinner in Cheraw, South Carolina. The event is scheduled for October 17-27. The video will also be posted on the Master National web site after the event so you can enjoy it later.
Here’s what you need to do to be included.  Fill out the Hall Of Fame Form and send along with a picture of your dog to the Master National. The form includes the necessary information you will need to your dog. Keep in mind; we also need a JPG image sent along with the form.  And in case you have not already applied for your AKC MNH Certificate.  Here’s the link to the application:
Master National Hunter Title Certificate Order Form

1st Time Hall of Fame Qualifiers:
2018 Hall of Fame Video Form

Deadline for submissions is August 1, 2019You will email the form and the jpg image to: masternational@gmail.com
And Congratulations to all our new Hall of Fame Retrievers and their handler and owners! And Congratulations also to those magnificent retrievers who moved up a notch and added another Qualifying Pass to their title!
To View the Complete List of Hall of Fame Retrievers CLICK HERE
Here are our New Hall of Fame Retrievers:

NameOfDog Owner Handler
Ace on the River IV MH MNH Martin & Donna Zamudio Lyle Stienman
Black Dude’s Sergeant Pepper MH MNH Hunter Lamar Stephen Durrence
Black Majick’s Blockade Runner MH MNH Tom & Tricia McKenzie Tom McKenzie
Borderline’s Irish Whiskey MH MNH Aurelia Carter Sallie Sullivan
Canebrake’s Joltin’ Cannon Shot MH MNH B Magee/W Magee Ronnie Lee
Coach’s Way to go Devil MH MNH Timothy Mattei JD Babb
Contrail’s Get On The Bus Gus MH MNH Lisa J. MacDonald Brian Hartfield
Crimson’s Coriander Dream MH MNH Tracy Hughes Tracy Hughes
Dandesg The Dude Don’T Dance MH MNH John Dawber John Dawber
Days End Suprise Standout Pippa MH MNH Denise Cole Keith Colburn
Deuce On The Loose III MH MNH Corey Wise Bruce Halverson
Doc Tee’s Fire Down Below MH MNH Darrin & Sheila Swenson Chuck McCall
Docheno’s Conecuh River Man MH MNHQA2 Chase Haws Chase Haws
Double J’s Retrieving Rascal MH MNH J Talley/J Talley Andy Fontenot
Drake’s Rolling Thunder MH25 MNH QA2 Justin & Jennifer Drake Justin Drake
Duckdawg’s Mischief Maker MH MNH S McKeen Andy Fontenot
Five Star Patton’s Attack MH MNH Robert Leslie Barrow Rody Best
Ghostryder’s Go Ali’s Grace MH MNH
Gump’s Treasure Run MH MNH
Georgeanne Daly
J DeRouen
Paul Lance
Joe Perron
Gypsy Oak’s Eli MH MNH Gary & Donna Lu Campbell Donna Lu Campbell
J & J’s BEAR MH MNH James Windham James Windham
J & J’s Out of Town Colonel Ollie MH MNH James Windham James Windham
Justin Time Salty Margarita MH MNH Dianne & Randy Clark Dianne Clark
Kenai’s Kodiak King MH MNH Jim Martin Jim Martin
Kingsland’s Reine Gabrielle MH MNH Larry Hacker Richard Cole
Lorfield’s I Get Around MH MNH Carol Hynes Carol Hynes/Jamie Brown
Mossy Pond’s Crooked Shore MH MNH John Inzer Lee Howard
Mpr’s One For The Road MH MNH Kevin & Pam Bunnell Kevin Bunnell
Ms Remi Royale MH MNH Jack O’Connor Lyle Steinman
Muddyfoot’s Georgia Ricochet MH MNH Will McElveen Stephen Durrence
North Forks I Want To Be A Rock Star MH MNH Scott Greer Scott Greer
Oak Point’s Traveling Man MH MNH Elaine Mitchell Stephen Durrence
Pancho Pecos Rebel With A Cause MH MNH Lyndell Grubbs Rody Best
PJ’s Riverboat Queen MH MNH Timothy Allen Bass Paul Lance
Red Rock’s Rowdy MH MNH Rick Bullock & Melinda Mattingly Rick Bullock
Rockin’ S Retrievers Black Mamba MH MNH Joel P Walters/Anya J Walters Lee Howard
Roux’s Trophy Buck MH MNH Dr. Cade Coppenbarger  DVM Jeff Chesnut
Runs Creek’s Be Ready For Yeti MH MNH Mark & Shannon Atwater Stephen Durrence
Stellar’s Running In Order MH MNH Robert Rascoe Jack Morris/Robert Rascoe
Summers Gusty Breeze MH MNH Marty Lee Chase Haws
Swamp Run’s Gotcha Talkin Now MH MNH Melissa Robinson-Shanks Melissa Shanks or Ray Shanks
Taylor Farm’s Midnight Georgia MH MNH Susan Liemohn Stephen Durrence
There She Goes MH MNH Derek Kriegel Ray Shanks
Topbrass Calvin-N-Hobbes MH MNH Stewart  Ginger Flanagin Ray Shanks
Troublesome Fullgrown & High Speed MH MNH Bobby & Candice Dean Rusty Haglund
Truline Rio Arctic Creek     Flyer MH MNH
Washita’s All Charged Up MH MNH
Donna Pederson
Jeff Chesnut
Jeff Chesnut
Watermark’s Cinderella MH MNH Bill and Lynn Teague Jack Morris/Bill Teague
Wetlands Black Pearl MH MNH Kevin & Pam Bunnell Kevin Bunnell
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