2018 Handlers and Annual Meeting

President Kevin Bunnell opened the meeting on Friday October 19, 2018.
The Handler’s Meeting began with Chief Marshal Allen Dillard announcing the Judges pairing. He cautioned Handlers of the narrow bridges and curvy roads and asked that everyone be careful driving to the properties and on site. He also said the Gunner licensing has been addressed and anyone who signed up to gun should check with their Flight Gun Captain for details on reimbursement.
The 2018 Judges:
Flight A- Doc Wonnell & John Kinnard

Flight B – Mike Akeroyd & Mike O’Bannon;

Flight C – Dave Kress & Keith Kiesow ;

Flight D – Robert Johnson & Fred Collins;
Flight E – Bill Blochowiak & Randy Morton

Starting Saturday:
Test Dog to run at 7:45 am, first dog to the line at 8 am.
Flight A: Strader Ranch L/W
Flight B: Bunnell Property  Land
Flight C: Hamlin Property  Land
Flight D: Lynch Property L/W
Flight E: TJ Lindbloom Ranch  Land

will be Starting Dog Saturday Series 1 Dog # 46; Series 2 Dog # 68; Series 3 Dog # 90; Series 4 Dog 112, Series 5 Dog # 1; Series 6 Dog # 123.

Judge Spokesperson Doc Wonnell talked to the handlers about safety. He said there would be mats on all land/water and water tests. For safety reasons, the handler stands on the mat.  If there is no call or no shot, there will be a no bird. Judges will decide on other no bird matters.  He asked Handler to use common sense in handling. Ask permission to touch your dog if you are unsure.  When you begin to handle your dog handle to the mark. Be sure to shoulder the gun.  The handler on the honor must stand up. No intimidation.  And Good Luck to all.
Read:  RHTAC and  MNRC Foundation Report
Joe Rhinehardt addressed the meeting on behalf of the AKC. He outlined the status of the AKC Hunt Tests in terms of numbers.
Both By-Laws changes were approved.

Board Elections:
Region 1 VP: Robert Roscoe
Region 2 Director: Keith Kiesow
Region 4 Director:  Patty Polish

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