2011 MNRC Annual Meeting

The 2011 Master National event began with Opening Ceremonies on Friday, Sept. 30th at the Sail Winds Conference Center in Cambridge, MD, followed by the Selection of Starting Dog Number and the Handlers Dinner and Auction.
The MNRC Annual Meeting took place on Saturday, Oct. 1.  following the Judges Instruction to Handlers.
Bill Teague delivered the RHTAC report and Jerry Mann gave the group an AKC update Report.
The Annual Meeting opened with President John Marchica updating the group on the year’s activities and introduced the 2011 Chief Marshall Gloria Mundell. Gloria reviewed important information for handlers regarding this year’s event.
Clubs voted on the 2012 Judging Candidates slate and the following judges were selected.  Region 1 Michelle Love; Region 2 Carol Hynes; Region 3 Bill Teague; and Region 4 Jim Charboneau.
On Ballot 2, candidates for returning judges, Sidney Williams from Region 1 and Bruce Bachert from Region 3 were selected. (Note: Tim Buck withdrew his name following the election of Treasurer.
Also selected by the clubs were candidates for Region 1 Director; Region 2 Director, and Region 2 Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Elected were: Secretary Frank Barton; Treasurer, Tim Buck;  Region 1 Director Jack D. Combs;  Region 2 Director Melissa Robinson and Region 2 Vice President Jace Tremontin.
The MNRC Board of Directors selected the Flint Oak Hunting Resort in Fall River, Kansas as the Official site of the 2013 Master National event.  The event will be hosted by the Sunflower Retriever Club of Central Kansas. The suggested event date will be Sept. 21st thru Sept. 29, 2013.
A proposal to change  Article VII, Section 6 of the Current ByLaw proposed by the MNRC Board of Directors did not pass. Amendment # 2 submitted by the Marin Retriever Club and Redwood Empire Retriever Club also did not pass.  A proposed change in Article VII Section 6 did not pass.
Past President Janet Peters presented President John Marchica with the MNRC President’s jacket. John Marchica in turn, introduced the new MNRC President John Blackbird . John B. will take office immediately following Closing Ceremonies on Sunday, Oct. 9th.  Meeting was adjourned.

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