2011 Master National Event Update:

A message from the 2011 Hunt Test Chairman, Frank Durham:
I am happy to report that planning for the 2011 Master National is in full swing. The event dates are Sept. 30 – October 9, 2011.
A new pavilion for  “Frankie’s Party,” has been constructed on the Main Hunt Test Grounds. And a new bird pen to house both ducks and pheasants is currently under construction.
Three ponds on the main grounds are looking fantastic.  And, we’ve been working to enhance the 4th pond, known as the “Stick Pond.”  This water consists of a natural pond in a wooded area, which can be easily accessed from all sides.
The Cambridge Chamber of Commerce and the Dorchester County Board of Tourism are gearing up to host a number of events and activities around town for everyone to enjoy in their off hours.
If you would like to view the Local Hotels in the area:  CLICK HERE
Next month, we will be working on the farm roads to provide better ingress and egress during the hunt test.
The Annual Winter Meeting of the Board of Directors took place on Feb. 18-20.  All MNRC Board Members visited the host hotel, all hunt test sites, and the party sites!
We’re looking forward to seeing you all and believe this 20th Anniversary Master National will be a great event!

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